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Self Care for True Self Alignment

I've been on quite the journey over the last five years, since I left the corporate arena and had kids. 

I am going to say it: Although it is no doubt an amazing experience, sometimes becoming a mother doesn't suddenly fulfill all your hopes and dreams in life. Leaving my career and attempting to embrace this new persona of "mom" left me feeling anxious and lost. And I felt guilt for having these emotions.  I needed to tune in and remember who I was outside of my career and motherhood. I knew there were pieces that I had lost along the way. Does this resonate with you?

One day I woke up and decided I would not feel guilt for wanting more. Then, by offering myself radical acts of self care, like incorporating more yoga into my life and finally embracing my love of singing, I was able to rebuild my sense of self love and reconnect with my True Self. I had to reconnect to my identity outside of the corporate world and the persona of mom. This is the real me, the one I held back from the world for far too long. 

I'm a 200 hour registered yoga teacher additionally trained in trauma informed yoga, yoga for mental health and addiction, anatomy and physiology, chakra system, and Ayurveda. I work as a mentor and teacher for women and moms, specifically on prioritizing self care as a path to remembering who TF we are, unpacking what feels stuck, and releasing whatever holds us back!

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Unleash Your Inner Warrior

My mentorship program includes learning about self care practices for self preservation, self soothing, and self regulating. By way of starting with self care and wellness, I support women work toward accomplish their physical and emotional wellness goals, which may include :

  • improving overall health

  • reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression

  • minimizing behaviors of self medicating and addiction

  • more conscious and connected parenting

  • improving relationships and communication

  • releasing guilt and shame

  • promoting self love and self trust

  • quieting the inner critic and negative self talk

  • rediscovering attributes of yourself that you've sacrificed in motherhood

  •  even starting a new career, returning to the workforce, or becoming an entrepreneur

The bottom line is - we cannot move forward towards our goals with clarity and courage to enact change if we are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, bitter or dysregulated. It all begins with YOUR wellness - not just physical health, but mental, emotional and even spiritual.

If it's not clear why I sometimes work specifically with moms, of course it's because I am one, and I have first hand experienced the struggles related to the endless list of expectations we are handed from the day we find out we're expecting. My desire to serve mothers also lies in a deep yearning to help heal unproductive and unhealthy patterns of parenting and connection, making way for not only more happy, healthy and fulfilled moms, but also more attuned and resilient children. Having educated myself over the last couple years on things like attachment theory, the nervous system, coregulation, and developmental trauma, my drive to make a difference in the lives of mothers first, is even more solidified.



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"Many people unwittingly spend their entire lives as if under the gaze of a powerful and judgmental examiner whom they must please at all costs."

~ Dr. Gabor Mate

Let's Get Real: Unleash Your True Self!

Hey there, rockstar!


I’ve been on this wild ride of shedding the BS and reconnecting with my true essence. In my latest blog post, I get raw about my mental and emotional battles, diving deep into the struggle of feeling safe to be me despite the endless "shoulds." Sound familiar?


If you're wrestling with self-love, self-trust, or that LOUD, obnoxious inner critic, I'm here for you. You're not alone in this.


Got an inner voice pushing you to break free and take action? Let's jump on a free call and see if we vibe. No strings, just real talk. Ready to unleash your badass self? Let's chat!

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Is This For You?

My private and group sessions include a customized combination of the following therapies and practices.


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Self Care

Somatic Healing

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A Safe Space 

A safe container for sharing your truth, where I can serve as a mirror for you to see any truths that weren't previously accessible to you.

In Polyvagal theory, newer science which promotes social engagement as a necessary practice for humans to feel safe and for the nervous system properly regulate, we call this co-regulation. The reciprocal sending and receiving of signals of safety. It is not merely the absence of danger but connection between two nervous systems; each nourishing and regulating the other in the process.

Yoga, Meditation & Breath

I teach self care for nervous system regulation, and we learn about self-regulation. There are copious amounts of research proving that the physiological benefits of yoga (for example), include stress relief, reduced anxiety, better sleep, increased immunity, lowered blood pressure among others.


Yoga, meditation and breathwork are all practices that allow the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is our rest and digest response. It literally allows the body to pause and preserve energy, to rest and recover.

In and Through The Body

In somatic healing work, we learn that we can heal in and through the body.  By practicing self care together, we can detach from the constant mind chatter and tap into our bodies' wisdom. You will be guided to re-connect to your individual somatic experience, and use that information to learn and grow. In the book  "The Body Keeps the Score" we learn that past trauma can live inside the body, constantly informing the nervous system that you are in danger. We work together to calm the nervous system in order to distinguish where your trauma lives in the body and how it can be slowly released.

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”

― Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score

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