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Self Care for True Self Alignment

I chose this image for a reason. Let me tell you a story.

I've been on quite the journey over the last five years, since I left the corporate arena and had kids. 


I am going to say it:  Although it is no doubt an amazing experience, sometimes becoming a mother doesn't suddenly fulfill all your hopes and dreams in life. Leaving my career and attempting to embrace this new persona of "mom" left me feeling anxious and lost. And I felt guilt for having these emotions.  I needed to tune in and re-connect to my Truth. Does this resonate with you?


One day I woke and decided I would not feel guilt for wanting more. Then, by offering myself radical acts of self care, like incorporating more yoga into my life and finally embracing my love of singing, I was able to rebuild my sense of self love and reconnect with my True Self. I had to reconnect my identity outside of the corporate world and the persona of mom. This picture speaks volumes. This is the real me, the one I held back from the world for far too long. 


My goal is to help other women and mothers who are feeling unfulfilled by cutting the learning curve and offering all I've learned with my experience.

I'm a Self Care coach and I incorporate the physical and spiritual practice of yoga among other methods into customized coaching programs to help women, specifically moms, to prioritize self care in order to build self love and create change in their lives. It's time to stop hiding, and start shining. I would love to have a free introductory chat to discover how I could help you live out LOUD again.



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If you're asking yourself "Is this all there is?" If there is voice that says I want MORE. Read on.

Self Care 

Self Love


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Radical Acts of Self Care

Self Care is the act of prioritizing your physical and mental health by taking care of your mind, body, and soul. It's not what you've been sold. It's not all bubble baths and pedicures. 

It can be difficult to prioritize yourself, especially as women or mother, as we are most commonly the caretakers of our households.  We navigate these obstacles by utilizing a toolbox of all forms of self care.  I create a customized self care prescription for my clients.  We will incorporate yoga, breathing, and meditation to gain physical release and mental clarity. Once you get comfortable being more present in your body, you can start to listen closely to what it's telling you it needs.

Self Love Can Take Us Anywhere

Life Imitates What The Mind Illustrates. When we show ourselves care, the message is clear. We are loved and deserving. In this way Self Care is the path to Self Love.

Once we being to release unproduction negative patterns and rekindle self love, we can start to build new patterns of Self Awareness, Self Compassion, Self Worth and Self Trust.

In this way, we can feel more confident and let go of fears.  We can be kinder and more forgiving to ourselves and others and let go of perfectionism. We can release what does not serve us, like patterns of shame and guilt. 

We can begin to remember the person we've always been but perhaps haven't been prepared to show the world.

True Self Alignment

Life, like Yoga, is a practice, the goal of which is not perfection.

We make mistakes, we learn, we grow, and we begin again. We lose ourselves, we find ourselves again. We learn, we unlearn, and then learn something new.

But we can't skip steps!

"Yoga is the journey of the Self through the Self to the Self." ~ The Bhagavad Gita 

This is why is I incorporate the physical and spiritual practice of yoga into my offering. If we want to live a truly fulfilled life, we first have to do the work of Self Care in order to cultivate Self Love and Re-Align with our True Self.  Only then can we stop hiding parts of ourselves. We can re-connect to the inner child we've shelved for so long. We can live a fulfilled and authentic life.