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I'm Sam. Welcome to my page!

As a Yoga Instructor and Self Care Coach, I have a new mission. My goal is help women come back home to themselves. My mission is to help women rekindle self love by prioritizing self care of all forms. I'm not talking about pedicures and bubbles baths. I'm talking about true self care to promote physical, mental and emotional wellness. Self care as a basis to help the Body remember just how worthy we are of support, care and love. A path to reestablish a feeling of Safe, Wholeness and Belonging. A recovery of our authentic Self and the belief that She is more than Enough. If this resonates with you please join my community by clicking "Stay In Touch" above, and I will be sure to keep you posted on opportunities to practice self care together. 


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Superdome Women's Only Yoga Series
Superdome Women's Only Yoga Series
Sep 27, 2023, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT
Superdome Fair Lawn,
21-05 Morlot Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410, USA
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The SOMATIC SOUL CARE Waitlist is open!

The purpose of Somatic Soul Care membership is create one safe (virtual) space in which we practice TRUE self care, not as it's been portrayed and marketed to us. But instead by connecting to somatic (body-based) sensations and messages that can get lost in the "hustle" of our day-to-day busy-ness. By reconnecting to these internal experiences of the Self, we can re-establish our ability to let stress do what it was always meant to do - move us to take action and meet our own needs. We go from reactive to responsive. It's the ultimate act of self care! By prioritizing this type of personal care, we make way for total physical/mental/emotional wellness.

The Somatic Soul Care Membership will include monthly live and recorded sessions of yoga, meditation, breathwork, somatic self care, yoga philosophy and nervous system education, group coaching sessions, self coaching prompts, and private online community for intimate connection and coregulation!

If you've enjoyed my yoga classes or one on one coaching, and have been looking to continue our work together, this is it! Explore by clicking below, join the waitlist if interested - no commitments! You'll be the first to know when I have a launch date!

Check out the latest episodes of Self Care Is My Job YouTube Show and Podcast!

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”

~Brene Brown

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Some Have Said...


You're a big mentor and friend and part of my journey. Thank you so much for always listening and helping me and giving me tools on this crazy journey. You always believed I could do this, even when I didn’t.


Working with Sam and her Aligned Heart program with combined yoga and life coaching has been an excellent experience.  Being guided to find answers within me and express them in a way that was both true to myself and enlightening was nothing short of transformative.
Sam is approachable, authentic and well awesome! Knowing her life coaching services are in my tool box should life throw me a curveball is very comforting.


Sam was “pitch-perfect” in every way in easing all of us into a fantastic yoga session. She was without question, the most supportive, encouraging, and welcoming yoga instructor I have encountered. She is a talented health and wellness professional.

About Aligned Heart

Hi I'm Sam! I'm a mother of two and a yoga instructor.
Before becoming a yoga teacher, I had been practicing yoga for about 13 years and becoming a teacher was always in my plan. I unexpectedly left the corporate world right before I had my daughter almost 5 years ago. I became a new and then started to struggle with my identify. I no longer felt important without my career, title, and money to feed my ego. Even though I had always wanted to be a mom, I was not fulfilled. I needed more. 
And over the last few years, I have learned to realign with my True Self. To stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations and to let go of false identities. I did so by first apprehensively, and then radically and prioritizing self care - which for me happens to include yoga, journaling, wine, and making music. I began to live unapologetically as me, and only me. 
Aligned Heart Yoga & Life is my offering to the growing community of women who are ready for MORE. I work with women to prioritize self care as a path to cultivating self love, ultimately preparing to enact change in their lives.  As an Alignment Coach, I incorporate both yoga, in practice and philosophy, plus self-discovery work, to help women re-align with their TRUE SELF and live a more fulfilled life. A life that is aligned with your own wants and desires and less dependent on inauthentic prototypes and limiting belief systems.  
This is a space where we encourage vulnerability in order to cultivate bravery. This is where we stop hiding and start shining. This is where return to ourselves.

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