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WTF is Recovery Yoga?

Much like the goal of restorative yoga, which would be to restore balance and energy, to call back to troops and recuperate before plunging again into battle - in Recovery Yoga, we're attempting to restore or more accurately recover the most present, engaged, open and at peace version of ourselves. Recovering our wellness. Restablishing safety. Re-membering the parts we left behind.

Recovery Yoga class is the beta introduction of The Aligned Heart Method, a yogic modality that supports us in the path of healing and remembering who we've always been underneath past trauma, generational confinement, and limiting belief systems.

The path itself follows the hierarchy of Polyvagal Theory:

  • establishing safety by grounding the body (seated or reclined breathwork)

  • connecting deeply in our parasympathetic nervous system (tuning into the body)

  • allowing for inspired action and movement in our sympathetic response (accessible, gentle movement)

  • enjoying a blissful, regulated state as we find the healthy dorsal response - safety in stillness. Less Doing More Being. (savasana)

By intentionally tapping into the Body, we can gradually tune OUT the whirl wind of thoughts, tasks and to-dos, tune IN to our needs, and remember who we really are at our most grounded and most regulated state.

The intention of our first few Recovery Yoga classes will be Communality and Connection. Finding safety in our community and relationships. Being here for each other. We'll be focusing on:

  • Belonging & community

  • Caring for each other & compassion

  • Receiving and being deserving of care

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