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I'm so glad you're here!

The purpose of Aligned Heart Yoga & Self Care is to support women in their efforts to incorporate self care in a world that teaches us to prioritize other people's needs over our own. We are the managers of our own wellness and fulfillment. Managing our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness is the most important job of all. Caring for ourselves isn't always pretty or easy. But, sometimes amidst the endless list of responsibilities, mounting personal and professional pressures, add in parental responsibilities, and everything else, self care can fall by the way side.

The purpose of Somatic Soul Care membership is create one safe (virtual) space in which we practice TRUE self care, not as it's been portrayed and marketed to us. But instead by connecting to somatic (body-based) sensations and messages that can get lost in the "hustle" of our day-to-day busy-ness. By reconnecting to these internal experiences of the Self, we can re-establish our ability to let stress do what it was always meant to do - move us to take action and meet our own needs. We go from reactive to responsive. It's the ultimate act of self care! By prioritizing this type of personal care, we make way for total physical/mental/emotional wellness.

The Somatic Soul Care Membership will include monthly live and recorded sessions of yoga, meditation, breathwork, somatic self care, yoga philosophy and nervous system education, group coaching sessions, self coaching prompts, and private online community for intimate connection and coregulation!

The pillars of this container are as follows:

- Yoga, meditation, breathwork: We will use these modalities to reduce stress, resolve trauma and invite more calm, clarity & happiness. (self-regulation)

- Connection: the poly vagal theory [Dr. Steven Porges] teaches us that connection with each other allows for a feeling safety in a community or circle and creates space for moving through stress, trauma and struggle collectively. Social engagement provides experiences of connection in which we are open to receiving another person as they are. . (co-regulation)

- Creativity: We are ALL creators! If God (or the Creator or Universe or Source) created us in His image, then we are ALL Creative Beings. Whether we are working to create an aligned business based on our nature passions and skills, a nourishing environment for your family, or an actual masterpiece of art, your creation energy is delicate and can only flourish from a space of Safety. Inside Somatic Soul Care, we nurture the inner artist by cultivating a safe inner landscape to flourish as the fullest, more authentic expression of YOU, and that includes you - the creative.

The offerings of the somatic soul care membership will look like a mixture of the following services. There will be 3 live/virtual meetup per month plus pre-recording and written content.

- 60 min Aligned Heart Method yoga

- 30 min Aligned Heart Method yoga

- 90 min one monthly group somatic self care coaching session

- 20 min guided somatic healing practices

- 10 min guided meditations/breath

- 30 min themed educational videos

- monthly content on nervous system education/mental wellness check ins/self coaching prompts/creativity boosting practices

Members will also receive:

- private online community for intimate connection and support

- "dare to dream" vocalization practice & suggested art therapy activities

- replays for all classes/meetings

- discounts on longer form workshops for members

The monthly cost of membership is $88 USD.

How does this all sound? I would LOVE to hear your feedback since we are in the planning stage of this new creation. Please reach out to me with feedback or suggestions at

*This Content is for personal development purposes and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.*


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  • October 26, 2021


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