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Love Yourself in 2021

Some of the most beautiful benefits of a self care practice are the development of self awareness, the rekindling of self love, and the rebuilding of self trust.

When you make for stillness, you can mindfully take inventory of your physical, emotional, and spiritual body without judgement. You can decide for yourself what does and does not serve you. This is the first step to rekindling your self love.

As part of a mindfulness practice, you can become aware of something that's going inside or outside of you without judging yourself or others. Without beating yourself up. Without resentment. And so whether you're hurt, disappointed, offended, bitter, angry or just pissed off, you can really allow yourself to feel, without resisting the discomfort of your own emotions. This will send a message to our mind body and spirit, that you are safe and worthy. And that while your feelings and responses are valid, they do not define you. You define you.

And then through your presence and your acceptance of these feelings you can grow as a person. You can learn something about yourself and become more connected in Mind, Body & Spirit. .

And little by little this can help you to shift your focus on you and only you. You can begin to embody the essence of the person you were always meant to be instead of allowing the external world to dictate that for you. In this way, you can begin to re-cultivate self trust Rooted in love and compassion, you can move forward. You can feel strong and in control. Unwavering. Fearless. Self Awareness, Self Love, and Self Trust are linked is this way. Scan your body now from top to bottom. What are you feeling physically. How are you feeling emotionally. Inhale. And with your exhale, release some physical or emotional tension that does not serve you.

Inhale and hold onto the messages that you can learn something from. They are a part of you for a reason.

Love Every Part of Yourself.

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