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It’s ALL comes back to Self Care

This weekend I am offering myself Space and Quiet.

Yesterday I dropped my kids off at my sister's house for a sleep over. I will pick them up later today. It felt great at first to have space and quiet. But then just as quickly, the sudden opportunity to do whatever I want was met also by anxiety. What task do I tackle now? Where do I begin? Add in the desire to complete All. Of. The. Things. A totally unreasonable weekend goal. So to combat this feeling of overwhelm, instead of trying to do everything, I am deciding for at least a moment to do absolutely nothing. A beer in the sun yesterday, my coffee swinging in the hammock this morning. How dare I, right? But with those moments of nothing came the clarity that confirmed: whatever I do or do not accomplish this weekend: I am deserving of this space and quiet, and I am already enough.

My goal for this weekend was to gain some much needed self care in the form of space and quiet.

The obstacle: my two amazing kids don’t allow for it.

The solution: asking my sister to take the kids. I enlisted another type of self care, asking for help, and we made it happen!

The obstacle: The newfound space and quiet was met with a feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, and even paralysis. How ridiculous, right? Like everything else, it’s two steps forward and one step back.

The solution: to combat this anxiety, I am offering myself even more self care in the form of stillness, the warmth of the sun, and breaths of fresh air.

The next piece of the treasure map is revealed when we pause, listen and notice what it is that we really need. And so here I am writing about self care, the basis of my whole messaging and offering, in a journal entry to be placed on the blog section of my website, which I can finally publish this weekend… all because I prioritized my self care by way of making the space and quiet available to me.

It’s ALL comes back to Self Care. The Path to Fulfillment Starts and Ends and Begins again with Self Care. Obstacles can be Navigated using Self Care. We cultivate Self Love by providing ourselves with necessary Self Care. We build Self Trust by prioritizing Self Care. We develop Self Compassion by allowing for Self Care. Bit by bit, we can begin to Re-align with our True Self by offering ourselves acts of Self Care. In this way, if we do not make Self Care a routine offering, we cannot prepare to make changes or overcome the hurdles to begin living a truly fulfilled life.

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